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Tarka 120 VSMS 320-330W

The module TARKA 120 VSMS 330W is replaced by the latest model TARKA 126 VSMD 390W.


The module design TARKA 120 VSMS 330Wp is made of 120 half-cells p-PERC technology based on the lowest carbon footprint silicon wafers, which are produced by our partner in Norway, factory powered 100% by hydropower. It is replaced by the new generation TARKA 126 VSMD 390-400W.

VOLTEC Solar is continuously optimising its Bill of Material and working environment to reduce its carbon footprint while remaining competitive, powerfull, robust & reliable. The engineering allows a nice homogeneous design, without any space gap for bussing on the front side. The 19.6% efficiency 1685 x 1000 mm photovoltaic module is mounted with a 42 mm aluminum frame, allowing heavy snow load, when most of available modules only have a 35mm frame.

The module can be produced with black backsheet and black frame on request.

A larger size is also available with 144 half-cells, model Tarka 144

All modules can be made with an anti-glare glass type (Albarino P), perfeclty matching DGAC French Civil Aviation Authority regulations.


The modules are guaranteed 20 years within EU and 10 years globally.

All modules have a 25 years linar performance warranty.

Fabriqué en France - Alsace * Garanties selon conditions générales et particulières de vente et de garanties