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TARKA 126 VSBD 385W Bifacial

Boost up to 30% your yield with our new model TARKA 126 VSBD 385-390W Bifacial! 

Dimensions: 1835 x 1042 x 35 mm

DUALLPV technology "Disruptive and Ultra-low-carbon Architecture for a Lower LCOE" is a PV innovation based on high current architecture, low carbon supply chain and high manufacturing standards. The solution is patented since 2018 under the number FR187104 and it has been many times awarded!

Voltec Solar was in 2019 the first European manufacturer to produce half-cell modules with low-temperature & non-destructive laser cutting technology. The complete Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) (raw material extraction, up-stream manufacturing processes, logistics, operation and recycling), in collaboration with our suppliers (raw material, equipment, etc) and large EPC’s allowed our R&D team Voltinov to launch DUALLPV and comply with greatest expectations.  

 VSMD and VSBD (Bifacial) models integrate DUALLPV.

20 years product warranty

25 years performance warranty @ 87% from STC

Contact us for more technical information about low carbon certificate (ECS, PEP, EPD) or any other topics! 


Bifacial ombrières carport

Carport 200kW, TARKA 126 VSBD 385W - 03/2022

Fabriqué en France - Alsace * Garanties selon conditions générales et particulières de vente et de garanties