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BELIGHT is a narrow, light, robust, high efficient bifacial PV panel. It has been developped with a 30 or 45° mounting system, approved and tested in harsh conditions on sandwich/corregulated rooftops. It allows : 

  • To reduce weight per m² and avoid building reinforcement 
  • To increase the yield
  • To flatten peak production and optimise self consumption 
  • To reduce CAPEX and OPEX



BELIGHT has been many times awarded by ADEME and tested by CSTB. 

Main features of the system:

  • Tilt of 30 or 45° on rooftop 
    • Lower snow load
    • Easy self cleaning
    • Faster snow melting thanks to bifacial current 
  • Intra-row space
    • Lower static weight (7 kg / m²)
    • More diffuse light from the back
  • Narrow and long module (2 x 0.4 m)
    • Reduce snow and wind pressure
    • Homogeneous diffuse light at the back

Since february 2021, our 17kWdc / 15kVA, tilted at 30° on our factory rooftop with 6° slope in east of France shows 30% more yied compared to a standard 100kWp system on the same 6° rooftop, facing south. Monitoring data access are available on demand.

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