French Photovoltaic Solar Module Producer

History & Overview

PV high-tech made in France

Voltec_solarFor more than 10 years , VOLTEC Solar has been producing solar photovoltaic panels. Based at the French-German border, 15 minutes away from Strasbourg airport, the family-owned company STRUB SA decided in 2009 to diversify in the promising solar industry with a 30MW production line. Installed in an 4500 m² facility, previously dedicated to a sawmill, owned by the sister company and neighbour ALSAPAN SA, the wooden-based flooring and furnitures producer since 1972.

Our solar technical team has 10 years manufacturing and process know-how, agile enough to compete on a very volatile solar market. Thanks to a smart module engineering, VOLTEC Solar reaches world-class Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), improving its supply chain and optimizing continously its Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to reduce its impact on the environment.

The company decided to extend to 200MW yearly production capacity in 2019 , line based on high performing and reliable European machineries, combining cell cutting TLS-Dicing, contactless infrared soldering, multi-stack lamination, electroluminescence and A++ LED flasher quality inspections. 

VOLTEC Solar, it is also VOLTINOV, the R&D sister company which is involved at each step of new product and process developments.

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VOLTEC Solar is a local producer, strongly supporting PV manufacturing in Europe